Join me at Heart Spring Health in SE Portland for a new Tuesday evening meditation group class.

Take action on what matters

Discover power, ease and simplicity in your well-being

Stop Going It Alone

What are you struggling with?

  • Overwhelming stress and anxiety
  • Cravings, being jerked around by your emotions
  • Accountability, follow-through, time/energy management
  • Fulfilling Work and Play
  • Confusion with food, cooking and nutrition
  • Feeling heavy, tired, sluggish

You’ve been trying. You read a book, followed all the blogs, endlessly scrolled social media . . . you’re excited. You are going to lose that weight, have more energy, talk to your boss, plan that vacation.

But then . . . something goes wrong, and you’re not sure what it is. What seemed possible and excited is now a chore, and you fall back to old habits, distractions, foods, entertainment, etc. Why can’t you just do what matters?

Let’s work together

  • Identify your goals and priorities
  • Understand the obstacles blocking progress
  • Practice and experiment skills that work for you

Achieve lasting, meaningful change

Taking action towards any goal is daunting enough by yourself. Having you there has provided that friendly, calm nudge of how I can get there without a hint of guilt, lecturing, or wagging of the finger. No should’ves or could’ves, more what’s and how’s!

Tricia JohnstonTricia Johnston