Your Personal Keys to Real Change

I will guide you through an amazing, practical process of applying focus, intention and creativity to what you want out of life and what’s standing in your way. Coaching focuses on the present and the future, on solutions, on self-discovery.

I know what it’s like to suffer with fear, anxiety, overwhelmed by ideas and expectations. Unable to get “from my head down to my feet”, stuck on this problem or that. Dragging through life, tired, exhausted, distancing myself from the people and things I cared about.

And over the years, I’ve gathered a wide array of tools and experiences that I will share with you. We will work with the mind and body – it’s all connected. Perhaps you are irritated with work because you aren’t sleeping well, or the pain in your back is a manifestation of stress.

Sam Baron leading a group meditation at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, Oregon
Leading a group meditation in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland

I excel at putting it all together, seeing the connections between your goals, strengths, values, interests and this basket of tools, knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. When you have a question, I won’t reply with a flat, generic answer, but instead present several thoughtful, personal options for discussion. If you need more information, I have several article/book/podcast/video links I can send. In the end, I am encouraging you to create your own basket of knowledge and experience that you can draw on.

I excel at putting it all together, seeing the connections between your goals, strengths, values, interests and this basket of tools, knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated.


Experience is the primary currency of my coaching approach. Every session will involve a mindful review of past experiences and experimenting with future experiences. What’s happening and how can it change for the better?

The real benefit from coaching is not going to happen in the session – it’s going to happen out in your actual life. This is where you practice, to see what works and what doesn’t.

Lasting change is not going to happen by reading, watching, listening or even thinking.

Slow & Incremental

Most lasting change happens slowly, one step at a time. It may have taken years or decades to accumulate what’s unhelpful (a few pounds per year, a little more irritated each workday), and it will not take weeks or months to reverse.

But that doesn’t mean this slow, intentional process has to be a terrible, grueling march forward. I will encourage you to embrace what’s positive and possible in every moment.

And this also doesn’t mean that lightning strikes and sudden change won’t occur. They will, but this major change typically happens outside of our control and as a result of the slow, intentional building blocks you have setup for yourself.

Experimental & Fun

Try something, see how it works, try something else. Get ready for playfulness and curiosity as we brainstorm and get creative on solutions that work for you. My coaching is iterative and experimental. Our experiments will be holistic – aiming to touch several goals.

It was fun and exciting to meet with Sam each week – I always looked forward to our sessions. New ideas were consistently introduced and offered as supports for reaching my goals. I never felt they were compulsory.

Ryan KennyRyan Kenny

Kindness, Compassion & Positivity

Every discussion we have will be wrapped in kindness, compassion and positivity. These qualities allow us to recognize that yes, life is challenging, none of our choices are inherently good or bad. Positivity is a powerful tool for opening up our ability to act. This can (will) be uncomfortable, but I will support you with a variety of techniques that will help you build a reservoir of good feelings.


Coaching is a commitment for me and for you. As a coach, I commit to being completely present in every session, asking you questions, teasing out your inner wisdom, being direct and kind.

As a client, I expect the same kind presence in every session, an openness and willingness to take responsibility for meaningful change, ready to learn and try new things, and to be honest about what’s happening – good and bad.

When things go wrong or unexpectedly, we may learn more and make more progress over the long-term.

This commitment can get very specific. I will routinely ask for specific days, times, and tasks. Every session will end with specific practice and exercises for you to implement before the next session. You must be ready to invest the time and effort.

About YOU

I believe that you already have the resources and intuition to achieve health, happiness and ease in your life. My role as a coach is to help you discover the skills to best work with yourself in the context of what matters most to you.

  • Your vision of well-being
  • Your values and interests
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your words and actions
  • Whatever is happening for you right now

My greatest joy comes when you have discovered your own way of doing things, of connecting to what matters in your life, in your own way.