How do you feel in this modern world?

  1. Heavy
  2. Tired
  3. Stressed
  4. . . . Just Off

What if the answer is right in front of you – simply recognizing you are human?

The Human Story

We’ve been walking upright on this earth for 5-7 million years.

  • In small, tightly-knit, egalitarian tribes
  • Working together to hunt animals large and small
  • Gathering wild plants here and there
  • Outside, moving around, mixing it up with our home planet

But then something happened 12,000 years ago.

  • The planet warmed, human population grew, and large animals died out
  • Small tribes living outdoors became villages/towns/cities/homes
  • Agriculture, processed foods replaced hunting/gathering wild foods
  • Went from allowing the Earth to dictate life’s rhythms to trying to control it ourselves

Evolution has written the key to human vitality in our genes. Every day, we are screaming and yelling in a language our genes do not understand.

Living Life & Checking Multiple Boxes

Living in alignment with your humanity doesn’t have to be complicated and hard. I will work with you to develop personalized healthy habits that cover all of the major areas of well-being: food, movement, sleep, stress, work, relationships. These habits can become deeply integrated into your life.

You have taught me so much! I have gained new levels of patience, acceptance, and tolerance toward myself and others. Food has lost much of its emotional baggage: it’s not good, bad, or a reward, it’s a choice.

Barbara Miller

Some ways I can help

Turned around by all the diets out there, Intimidated by cooking, Frustrated with cravingSimple, minimal food preparation focused on a nutrient-dense, unprocessed, natural diet
Guilt about not going to the gym, Feeling weak, Intimidated by “exercise”Integrating basic movement into everyday life, Discovering physical activities that you truly enjoy and support other wellness areas
Tired, Energy and mood swings, Can’t fall asleepBeing outside, in contact with the ground at strategic points during the day
Tense, Stressed, Feeling alonePlay and have fun developing fewer, deeper relationships